How To Increase Traffic Through Social Media

How To Increase Traffic Through Using Social Media Platform In 2019 For Free, For New Blogger (Beginners). 

How To Increase Traffic Through Social Media:  In this article, I am gone to Provide the Information About how to Grow your Blog And Website for Free. In The World Of Technology, Many new Peoples Are Start’s Their Bog And Want To make money online. Because of new Blogger Are How To Do It.
This is The Very Common And Same Problem Of Every New Blogger About How To Get More Viewer On Blog.
So Let’s Go To Discuss All Those Tips And Ways that We Are Using In Growth Of Our Website. If You Want To Know In Detail About This topic So Read This Post At The Last.

5 Social Sites To Get Higher Traffic And Increase Growth Of Your Site

Here I am Gone provide You Only the List Of Those Tips that we Will Try To Get Rank In Our Blogging Career. In This Article, You can Read All the Social And Free Ways For getting Rank Your Blogs.
How To Increase Traffic Through Social Media
How To Increase Traffic Through Social Media 

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • Linked In.
  • Reddit.
So this is the Very Short List Of Those methods that We Are Using For Growth Our Blog. Now there one by 1 We Discuss All The Social Ways that we Are Using Here.


Facebook is a Very Authentic And reliable Platform Of a Huge Visitors. On Facebook, Millions Of Peoples Are Online Every time. So In Short Facebook Is a Wast Platform For Your Blog Growth. It Plays a great Role For Your Website. If You Want To Get More Visitors For Site. So you just need to make a Fan Page or Your Brand Page According To Your Site. When you make a Page Then you Need To Increase The Likes Of Your page and Engagement. When Your page Engagements is Increasing more Than 1000 Likes. Then You Need To Start The Sharing Your Blog Posts Links On Your Page. From Its User Engage Your posts And Click On Your post Link via Your Facebook Page. If You Apply These tips you can Get Daily Minimum 200+ Pageviews From Facebook.


Twitter is also a nice Way To Grow Socially Your Site. And Twitter also has the Good Numbers Of Active Users All time. If you Want To get Rank Your Site Using Twitter. You Need To Make Your Twitter ID And Also Make a Page Of Twitter Same as Facebook Fan Page. When You create Page Then you Need To Do Some Tweets According To Your Site. And You Need To Mention also Those, Communities That are related To Your Topic. For Example, My Blog is About Technology Then I’ll Mention those Communities that Are Related To technologies. When You Spend Time On twitter then Your Followers Are Automatically Increases And your post-Will Make Viral. From This Tips You can Derive the 1500 Pageviews Per day Without Viral Your Post. You Just Need To Add Your posts Links With your Every Photo that is related To Your Niche.

Linked In

Linked in, is another Social Site Where You make Your profile as a Pro Person. basically Linked in is a Businessmen Social Platform. There Are Found The majority Of Business Men’s related Audience. If You Want To Get the Real visitors For Growth Your Blog. So You just need to create Your Profile. Then Make Community As According To Your Website. for Example, Such as My Site is Related To Blogging, Then I’ll make Blogging Community. Same As you Need to build a Huge Community. When You See Your Community is Gradual Increases. Then Start Sharing your Blog Posts Links With Your Daily Posts. From Its Your user Engagement Is increases And You got More and More Traffic on A daily basis. If You Want To Know How To Check The Backlinks Of Competitor So Click On This Line And read All The Detailed Article.


When We talk On Top Social media, then Instagram is Also Included in Top Social Media Platform List. And Social Media give Helping In Growing Our Reach. Same Like Instagram is Play a Significant Role in the Growing Of Our Website. Instagram Having Also millions Of Traffic On Real-Time. And They Have Huge User Engagement. On Instagram, We can grow Our Site. Forgetting visitors To rank Our Blog Post We Need To just make a Profile On Instagram. After This, we’ll need to make The Page According To Our Site Niches And Sub niches. Then We Need to Increase The Followers of Our Profile Related To Your Blog. Such As My SIte is Related To food And Cooking. So I Will Do targeting My food And cooking-related Audience and My followers Are Also like food And Cooking posts. When you Build a Nice Community On Instagram Then Start The Submitting Your Blogs Link With your Posts. From Its User Engage Your Posta and Automatically Redirects On Your Website Easily. If You Are Following These Tips. So You can Engage approx 2000 user Per day via Instagram.

Reddit (Social Media)

Reddit is the Last One Option for Deriving a Huge Number Of Visitors On Your Web Or Blog. Basically, Reddit is a USA Social Platform. On Reddit, You can gain The Best High-Value Traffic FromUnited States Of America. If You Want To Derive The traffic From the Reddit So you need to just make 1 Simple ID Or Sign With Up Your Gmail Account. When You Make your Account Successfully, Then You Need To make the Some Simple Posts Without Attaching Your Blog Links Or posts Links. When You Account Spend The 7 to 15 days then you need to Increase Your Post Karma And Comment Karmas In Reddit. When Your Gradually is Gradual Increases. Then This is the Time To Posts Your Blogs Link Your related Subreddits. When You Posts Your Blogs in Reddit. Then Reddit Traffic Engage Your Blog And you can make batter rank In Search Engines. And Also Your Site is generated The High Income. If You Follow this tip then You Will Grow one day.

Conclusion Of Tips To Grow Your Blog

I hope You Like this Educational Blogging Stuff related To the How to Increase The or Grow Your Blog. If You Really Like This Post So Share this Article With Your Friends And field related Persons. If You Have Some Questions And Queries About this Post. So you can Ask With Me by Giving Your feedback in Comment Box or Come To talk With me using Contact Form. Thank you For Reading This Blog. This Whole Post Is Written By The Admin Of This Blog Ahsan Saif.

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