Huawei Dispute With Google

Huawei Dispute With Google: Today In this Article I Will Discuss With you About Google Banned Huawei Android License-Huawei Next Action After Banned Android From Google & Complete Huawei User Review About This Action.

Huawei Dispute With Google
Huawei Dispute With Google
Assalam O Alaikum And hello to My All Viewers And Articles Readers. Today In this Article I am going to Provide The Whole useful information About The Huawei Dispute With Google. And What's Next Level Action Of Huawei users. So If You Want To Know About This news So read Must this Article At The End. So let's Go To Start's Discussion properly On Today's Topic.

Huawei Disputes With Google

You & Me, In fact, the Whole World know China is a big Economy In The World. So When We talk On the China technology. So China is Also On Higher Ranks In (IT) Internet Technology Fields. It is very Difficult For Every Economy To fallout or De-Grate China's Economy Power. Because China is a Single Country Who's Economy Rise up With a Good percentage. 

There And many factors Are Included In the Banning Purpose Of Huawei License banned by Google that We Not Know. But maybe Some Reasons we Know as Well. Because In These Days Trump is not treated China as a Business & Trade Partner.

If We talk On The Huawei Mobile Phone Company Banned Android License. In This case, Huawei faces Some Minor Problems After Banned By US Google Banned Their Android License. So in This Way, Huawei User gets a high Shocked About their Phones. because Huawei is a famous Android Smart Phones Company and Its Mobiles Are Sell out in Whole World. Some New Mobiles Of Huawei face the Android Problem Such As P Lite 30, Mate 30, Y9, etc. 

In These Phones Android Not Work After banned From Google. When Huawei Know About The Banned News. So They have Decide To They Do Not Come To Reinstate request from the US To Google Their License back.  

Because In This Time China And US Trade War are On Higher Ranks. So It is Just because Of Trade War Between China And United States. That's Why Google Stuch Their License.

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Huawei Respond To Android Ban

If We Talk On The Huawei Respond To Android Ban Huawei is Also Know's That In Future They Will be Must Banned By The Google, Due To Some Economical Or Trade War Reasons between China And United States. 

And Now In this Situation of, Huawei Give's a hard and responsible Answer to US Govt and Google Android.

In This Situation They Start's making Their Special Own Operating System Aspect Of Android. When they Start's Their Company in 2012. Then They Start Making their Own Mobiles OS For Huawei. And they Complete Their Operating System In 2013. This OS Making is Secret From Google and US. Because This is Only For Emergency use Of Huawei After banned From Google. 

So in response, Huawei and China Give an Answer to Google About Their Android And US Govt How Much Their value In China. And China is Also Stand's With Their Phone Company.
(Now Here We Dicuss Some Major Points Of Ban Huawei Mobile Phone By Google Android).
There Are many major Reson And Factor Come into a Simple man Mind. Those factors I'm Discuss Here In The Form Of List you can read All My Openion factors.

  1. Trade War Of US & China.
  2. Google Under In US Govt.
  3. China Gone To Become a Super Power.
There Are The Some Main And very beneficial reason, based Of This banning Situation Of Huawei License. So Now I Describe These Three factors One by One.

  • Trade War B/W US & China
Now In The Presidency Of Donald Trump, Every American is Know That Thing trump Policies Are Wrong In The right Of America. But It's a Bad Luck Of American peoples. They Selected Donald trump. Donald Trump is Want some War From China. Because Trump Knows China's Economy Build Up Highly In Present Time. And Its may be More Increase Gradually In Future. So Trump and Google Decide To Start The Trade War. In This War Google Respond To Stuck Off Their License Of Android. because Google is Come's Under In The US Govt. So this is maybe one of the most accurate Reason Of ban. 

  • Google Is Under United States Of Aerica Government 
You And I Know This Thing Google is a Multinational Search Engine Company That is Providing their different IT Services Online. And Its Head Quater Are Found In Different Countries, Like India, Singapur and Other Big Economical Countries. Same As The Main head Quater Of Google Office is In The US Florida or Mexico. So You Know Mexico in the US And US president is very Against To China And googles Come Under The United States Government. So That's Why as Govt Want To Do Trade War So Google Also Give Helps To US Govt in Trade War. It is Only for The Trade War. America Want War from China.

  • China Become a Super Power 
You Need To Must Know This Important factor About China. China is a Big Economical State in The World. And In Future, they Cover the Whole Economy Of The World & become a Super Power Easily. because In Current Time Growths Rate is higher Then All World Economy. And China is making All The basic And Advance thing of Whole World. China Industries Are Gradual Increases their functionality And facilities of their Products, that Are Assembled And make in China. 

And the Most Important Thing You Should Know as an American. China Give a Huge Amount Of Loan to the United States. China Industry Level and Competition is Very Tough For Every Country Economy And their Economy Development growth Speed is Very fast as Compere To US. On The Basis Of The China Growth rate, It Becomes a Super Power In The World.

So these Are the Some basic Info And 3 major Reasons Of Banning The US Google Android The Huawei License.

My Opinion As a Common Man

I am Simple man And I want To Give Some Opinion About This Incidence between China And United States. China and US are Both World best Economies. they need to Do Work Together as Aspect To Starts a Big Trade War. From Your Trade War, Other Countries are faced with Its Side Effects. And This Situation becomes a Physical War. And In this case, 90% Chances Are Found It may Convert Trade War To Arm Force War. So Both Countries need to Talk On a Single Maze And need to resolve the issues From talking in Peaceful Environment.

Conclusion Of This Post

In The Resultant Of This Post, I want To Just Say that, I Hope You Like This Post About Huawei Dispute With Google. So If This Post is value able and informative For You About the Clarify The Huawei case. So Share It With Your Friends Community In Social Media. And Also Give us Your Significant Opinion In Comment Section Of This Post. So If You Want To Get Your Specific Desire Topic Article On this Blog So you can Contact us via the Contact form. This Whole Article is Written by The Administrator Of This Blog Ahsan Saif Ullah. Thank For Reading article as last.

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